Raven’s Nest Track


Welcome to the Raven’s Nest at the Alaska Airlines Center! this track has been provided for the benefit and enjoyment of ALL UAA employees and the U-Med and Anchorage Community as a place to walk/jog and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Please read the “Rules of the Nest” carefully. They have been developed for your safety and enjoyment. Have a good walk!

1. This surface is for walking/jogging only. Closed on the weekends.

2. Appropriate footwear (running/walking shoes) must be worn on this surface at all times.

3. Please walk in a counter-clockwise direction at all times. Slower walkers please use the inside lane.

4. NO unattended minors permitted.

5. NO Strollers, bicycles or wheeled items permitted on the track at any time.

6. NO food or drinks permitted on the surface at any time.

7. In case of EMERGENCY, call 911. For all other problems or concerns please call UAA Athletic Department at 786-1250 or visit our office on Level 2 of the Alaska Airlines Center.

8. All users are expected to be respectful of others using the facility. Our Seawolf teams will be practicing most days on the main arena floor so please do not distract them during practice times.

9. The Raven’s Nest is closed during all events in the Alaska Airlines Center and on the day(s) that the arena is being prepared for concerts or other events.

10. UAA is not responsible for any personal items. Closed circuit cameras in use 24/7.



Skinny Raven Walking Track Temporarily Closed to Public.


Closed on Weekends

Closed during all events at the Alaska Airlines Center and when the arena is being prepared for concerts and other events.