Metal Detector FAQs

The Alaska Airlines Center is pleased to announce the installation of eight new Walk Through Metal Detectors at the arena. Our staff will continue to develop and implement safety measures to keep all patrons and ticket holders safe at the Alaska Airlines Center. These will be in use at select events. Below you can find frequently asked questions about the metal detectors.

  • Will everyone attending events at the Alaska Airlines Center be required to be screened by the WTMD?

■ Depending on the type of event, all patrons will need to pass through the WTMDs. University Police and/or the act playing the Alaska Airlines Center may also request the WTMDs be used.

  • What items can do I have to remove before walking though the metal detector?

■  The following items will not be able to pass through the WTMDs

◆ Cell phones, keys, cameras, hats, large metal objects, no weapons to include knives.

◆  You will not have to remove your jacket, coins, wallet, shoes, belts, and watches/jewelry.

  • Will my medical device be affected by the WTMD?

■ Our WTMD are safe for guests with artificial hips/knees, pacemakers, and expected mother. However, if you do not feel you want to be screened by the WTMD, you can request secondary screening with a hand held metal detector (HHMD). Please ask for a supervisor.

  • Will children be screened?

■ All patrons, no matter age will be screened. It is preferred that if the child is old enough to walk through the detector by themselves, they do so. If not, a parent may carry them through.

  • How about service animals?

■ Service animals will need to be screened.

  • Can I opt out or refuse to be screened?

■ Guest may opt out of walking through the metal detector but they will be subject to screening with a HHMD. No other screening options will be offered.

■ If a guest does not wish to be screened, they cannot enter the Alaska Airlines Center and a refund will be offered.

  • How will off duty law enforcement be screened?

■ Off duty law enforcement should identify themselves to Security. Security will then notify a supervisor who will work with University Police to verify the individual’s credentials.

  • What if I trigger the detector?

■ If you trigger an alarm while passing through the detector, you will be asked to step to the side and a secondary screening will be conducted with a HHMD.